LACoFD Firehouse Dogs

Many people remember these infamous dogs.
On this page we'd like to share stories about dogs that somehow came to live with our crews over the years.
Names, how they came to be a part of the station, stories, etc.
Got any Photo's of station dogs ?  Please send them to Cyberstreams and we'll post them on this page !

Subject: [CyberStreams] Lost dog

A special request to all the "Valley Rats" from Russell "Nick" Hill
(had a computer once , but gave it away , refuses to join the 21st century)
He would like to know whatever became of Suzy ( Suzie ? ) the Dalmation, Fire House dog, at station 29  (late 60s / early 70s ?) If you have any information , send it.

Don & Joan Borthwick
San Clemente CA
USN 44/46   LACoFD 51/83

Don Borthwick,  as my aging memory serves me, Suzie was killed one night late about a mile away from the station.  Apparently, hit by a car and left there. Much to their credit, the Baldwin Park Police Dept. Placed road cones around Suzie to protect her lifeless body. The station was notified and they picked her up. Possibly, Lyle can  fill in more of the details. I just remember how gracious the PD was and the respect they showed  the firemen and their friend, Suzie.  Say hello to Nick for me. The last time I remember, Nick was underneath a pile of furniture in the middle of the rec. room at 29's, there was no sigh of life in the station accept the big hand waving underneath the table, couch, chairs and anything that was not nailed down. I almost soiled my pants laughing, but was very professional as a BC, just like you taught me.  

Dave Brown, 63/94

Ed Watson and Suzie were good friends. When he left the station, Suzie mourned the loss of her good friend and became less obedient. She would leave the station when she got a chance and it was one of those days or nights that she was hit by a vehicle.

Whiskey, a large Dalmation, also deaf, rode the fire truck at 47’s in Temple City. If he felt like it, he responded to hand signals to come back to the station or get back on the rig. I’m not sure if he was deaf when he began his tour of duty or if he quickly became that way from the high pitched siren. He was the delight of visiting school children for several years and famous, at least city wide.

Of course he was mischievous, along with being a Temple City icon. Many times, the on duty Captain would get a call from a citizen in Temple City, to come and pick him up because he was going through some home owners trash cans at night.

It was hard on him to jump off the rig and he finally ruined the tendons in his rear legs. After being patched up by the vet and a huge bill for surgery, which was paid by station 47 House Fund, he was retired from duty. I think Ray Hall took him home to live out his days in peace and quiet.

Dennis Pearson
PFD ‘64/’66   LA Co FD ‘66/’96

Ray confirmed that in Suzy's later life she did get hit by a car.  She was not deaf.  "Whiskey the dalmation at Station 42 was deaf, and he wound up living at our house when they had to get rid of him.  We continued to have many years of Whiskey stories until he went to doggy heaven at 16 years of age in 1983.  We have a large portrait of him on the fire engine that DeWitt painted for our kids to give us as a gift some years ago.

Donna Hall

If you have any stories or photo's about LACoFD firehouse Dogs, please get in touch with us and we'll post it on this page.

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